(Sept 1/21 All policies Subject to change without prior notice. Management)

New reserve customers are charged a $10.00 non- refundable start-up fee and are required to put a deposit (also non-refundable) on their monthly books (for the first 6 months) unless you sign up to do the billing through Credit Card. (You can also pay by interact e-transfer, I will email you the total and you send the payment within 48 hours or purchase a gift certificate and part of that amount will be put towards your monthly comics).


Good Stuff...

A 15% discount is given to all reserve customers in good standing on all new comics, trade paperbacks, and regular priced merchandise from the Previews order catalogue. 


Cover to Cover / Bookshelf will give you one of your regular monthly comics free for your birthday through a birthday card.  Management reserves the right to decide which comic is free (don't worry; we won’t be cheap about it!). You must be a reserve customer for a minimum of 6 months before you can receive a free birthday comic. Each Card now comes with an expiry date for use.


A monthly order book is available at the store for our customers to browse new issues two months prior to their release date or free to reserve customers taking 7 or more titles (5 or more Marvel/DC titles for the Marvel or DC Previews catalogue only). To ensure availability of HOT TITLES please order them ahead of the rush.  Any comics ordered after their release date or the final order cutoff date (FOC), may not be available. Mail orders are sent out the week Previews ships unless other arrangements are made. Payments are also processed at that time (either by Credit Card or E-transfers).


The Rules:

Customers are now required to come in at least every two weeks to pick up their comics (unless paying by Credit Card or E-Transfer to be paid by Saturday when sent). If you feel that you cannot make it every two weeks, we have a system set up where we will bill your credit card (or you can send an e-transfer after I send you the total) and the paid comics are put in a bag which you can be picked up when you are able to (or if I call because your slot is nearly full). All reserve comics should be paid for by the end of each month regardless of if you have one or more saved at the time. Reserve customers who have not picked up any unpaid issues for over a month will have those comics sold.  No Call or Notice will go out.

It is the customers responsibility to see if they have items in(check before you come to pick up, just in case something has shown up for you), there are 3 ways to do this: 1) check our website ( and see what has shipped in the last month, 2) email to find out if you have anything and 3) phone to find out if anything has come in.


15% Discount is given to customers who show up regularly (ie: either every week or every 2 weeks or if you are part of the credit card billing plan or if you pay by interact e-transfer). In order to receive the discount you must be ordering at least 1 monthly title (12 issues or more) or 3 mini series to continue to get the discount on comics bought off the shelf otherwise they are at cover price no discount.


Due to ordering schedules, two months* notification is required before cancelling a comic(most) series or account. Abuse of this policy will result in loss of discount privileges.


All special-order items of $10.00 or more require a 50% non-refundable deposit.  Deposits are refundable only if a) the distributor cancels the item, or b) the item is re-solicited for a later date, thus giving you the option to reorder or cancel. If ordering multiple items, a portion of the deposit will be taken off each item.  (For some Statues, Toys and Games even though they give an estimate ship date some of these items may show up in retail outlets before they hit comic stores. Cover to Cover is not responsible for any changes in the shipping dates of items ordered.) All Multiple comic copies ordered (3 or more copies) will also require a 50% nonrefundable deposit.


*(some books can be cancelled right away, check with Tony to find out which ones)